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F1 2013 Launches, Celebrates with Trail

By Mokman07-10-2013

Uber-realistic F1 racing game, F1 2013, has finally been launched, coinciding with the F1 season here in the real world. Now fans of racing about in super-light, hyper-fast cars as the sexiest men alive have yet another instalment for them to sink the game into. With the release has come also a launch trailer, filled with mostly CG graphics, but still does manage to excite. Just beware of the slow-mo, it can get on the nerves pretty fast.

F1 2013 also features some pretty innovative new features, such as RaceNet, where they can "get more from their game with RaceNet, Codemasters' free online community hub. RaceNet will power regular community challenges, which will begin this weekend with a Time Trial event in Korea where players will compete to set the best time on online leaderboards around the circuit in dry conditions in a Williams car. Each entrant will earn 1000XP which can go towards unlocking rewards, including in-game helmets. RaceNet also enables players to set up Custom RaceNet events. Players can set their own Time Trial scenarios, choosing circuit, weather conditions, car and duration of the event, and challenge their RaceNet friends to compete to set their best time on leaderboards. RaceNet also includes visual stats and game progress updates and every F1 2013 player with a RaceNet account will receive the 1976 Ferrari 312 T2, as starring in the film Rush." Furthermore, they even added an option of purchasing F1 2013: Classic Edition, which expands the game with 1990s content and classic track packs.

Another video was also released, ahead of this weekend's Korean GP, featuring a " brand new F1 2013 Hot Lap video featuring French driver Jules Bianchi, taking his Marussia for a spin around the circuit."

Interested? Check it out on Steam.


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