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Exploring Gender, Queer Theory and More

By BloodyFanGirl26-01-2014

Art collective Be Another Lab are using the VR capabilities of the Oculus Rift to explore the topic of gender in their open source project, The Machine To Be Another. It's quite simple; two people put on Oculus Rift headsets with a front facing camera mounted on top and then they are shown what the other person's camera sees. So, let's say you've got a cisgender man and a cisgender woman taking part in the project – she would look down and see his body and vice versa for him. It's an interesting idea and you can view the art project in action in the short clip above. The clip does feature nudity and so may be NSFW.

Be Another Lab explained what the aims of the art project were, saying:

"Designed as an interactive performance installation, the 'Machine' offers users the possibility of interacting with a piece of another person's life story by seeing themselves in the body of this person and listening to his/her thoughts inside their mind. [...] [The project] investigate issues like gender identity, queer theory, feminist technoscience, intimacy and mutual respect."

Which are all things I am totally for. You can learn more about The Machine To Be Another by visiting the official website here.

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The psychological tricks are amazing at showing how weird our brain works. This set-up is very close to some experiments where they showed something different instead of person's real body and they experienced themselves somewhere else.

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Strange Days anyone?