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Exploring Europa Universalis IV

By Mokman17-07-2013

Alright children, keep your toys, yes, that's right Crusader Kings and Civilizations, the adults have come to play. Europa Universalis is in town, and what is perhaps one of the most convoluted and complex turn-based kingdom builders in the gaming industry is hitting with a sequel - Europa Universalis IV. Those that are still with me, fans of the previous games, would have known this news by now, but ah-hah! Have you seen this?

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, exploration has been added to the plethora of features in the upcoming game, and an exciting variation of exploration it is. Not just are you now plowing through the fog of war, but instead you are dealing with the outcomes, the profits, and yes, the consequences of your actions. But don't let me steal the limelight, let Paradox explain to you themselves in their classic charming manner.

Excited? I know I am. Check out more of the various game developer diaries in their YouTube channel, or if you can't wait - head on over to their site to pre-order the game now.

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