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Exploring Dangerous Horizons

By elethio20-10-2015

Planetary Landings are on the Horizon. We're getting close to the end of the year, and although there is not a set date yet, the official word is that Horizons well be released before 2016. If you've lost been in deep space for the last year you might be forgiven for missing the official release of Elite Dangerous, and if that is the case you might actually be in a better position than the rest of us.

For backers of Elite and for people who got on the hype train at the beginning of the year, it has been a rocky start to the Elite experience, early on we had to suffer through a number of bugs and issues that you'd only expect to find in some kind of AAA release, and not from a passionate & professional team like frontier, however like I said that sort of thing is par for the course in big games these days, next there was the whole we're not going to sell through Steam, then we are going to sell through Steam debacle, which led to much arm twisting in order to get Frontier to give Steam Keys to existing players. Next there was the disappointing release of 'Power Play. And I'm sure I've missed a few other crises from this list too.

But for our diligence and patience the players who've kept hoping through all this can now receive our reward, we can purchase the 'Planetary Landing Module' of Elite at a discount of £10 from the total price, (£39.99 instead of £49.99) or in other words somewhere between £10 and £60 more than it will cost you to buy the whole game too.

Frontier have not given exact details or dates yet, but they are not done with adding extras DLC yet. We know that walking around ships, planets and stations is also on the cards, along with MP first person combat (yes all the same features already offered in Anegls Fall First, and many of the features promised in Star Citizen too). Exciting as that sounds HOLD ON TOO YOUR WALLET because we've already seen their pricing system and we've learnt one thing from it, waiting gives you a cheaper and better game. Now this is not a revolutionary idea, but what is unusual is the Frontiers attitude, not just with the pricing but all the way through development and marketing choices to, and that attitude is:

"The customer we don't have is more important to us than the one we do have".

Anyway enjoy the asteroid dune buggy racing, and forget my rant. But one last thing; Frontier will always beat Star Citizen because 80's GAMING RULES!

If you're like me and procedural generation in games really floats your boat, then the video below might be just your thing. In it we see a live stream and interview with a couple of employees from Frontier as they explain just how they crammed in detailed planets in a universe with billions of stars.

Hey, I didn't say Elite was all bad.

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