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Explore What Lies Under in Ghost Song

By zethalee01-05-2014

Taking cues from the Metroidvania family of platformers, in addition to the conversation and exploration-based exposition of Dark Souls, indie platformer Ghost Song hopes to send players on search for love and closure. Well surpassing its initial goal of 15,000 USD, with a lovely art style echoing the hand-drawn games of Vanillaware, the game, in addition to the solitary man behind development, Matt White, have set their sights now on Steam Greenlight as a means to further distribute the title. With Nintendo's last 2D Metroid game nearly 12 years behind us, and with promises of an atmospheric, brooding game world, a title such as Ghost Song may well be overdue.

Check out the video above for ten minutes of gameplay.

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The atmosphere in this game is incredible.