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Expansions for KSP Free for Existing Owners

By Mokman11-04-2013

If you haven't heard of Kerbal Space Program yet, don't worry. There's still time. Basically, it's a game for aspiring rocket scientist or mad geniuses (perhaps both depending on your point of view), where you fling cartoon characters into space utilizing surprisingly realistic simulations of space travel and rocket construction.

Recently however, there was a certain amount of controversy regarding the game, as the developers had promised free updates to the game, but had recently announced that expansions would have to be bought. However, some in the community have raised questions as to what defines the difference between the updates and expansions, and whether the developers Squad are taking advantage of them. It seems to mainly have been a problem of miscommunication, but the company has made moves to sooth those raging online.

In a relatively smart move, Squad has thus announced that as long as you've bought the game before the end of April, all expansions and updates will be free to customers - releasing a statement regarding this action below:

"It became clear to us that many might have already taken that statement to mean something else than we did when they bought the game, and so had a different notion of what it was they were getting with their initial purchase. We have to admit though, up until now, we hadn't considered Expansion Packs to be the same as updates to KSP. That was in large part because we really had no plans for actual expansions at all. But as you can imagine, over the course of the 2 and a half years we've been developing KSP, we've come across many ideas that we thought were very cool, but didn't really fit the original scope of the game. Those would have led us astray from our vision of the complete game, not to mention that they could take many months, if not years, to implement."

Well played, Squad. Well played.

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I want this game, remember playing a free version some time back. So addictive, lots of possibilities to build crazy shit as well.