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Expanding my Crew

By Bobfish05-08-2015

After some early confusion, we can now verify that The Crew Wild Run is, in fact, not a new game, but a complete overhaul for the existing one. Though the4 latter is clearly aimed more at consoles, the visuals improvements are nothing to scoff at. While the inclusion of, supposedly dynamic, weather effects and three entirely new specs, along with motorbikes, is something that everyone can enjoy. One would expect these will also bring new challenges and, perhaps, even whole new story missions. Perhaps continuing the campaign post taking becoming V8 of the 5/10s.

I put a lot of hours into The Crew already, and despite its flaws, had quite a good time with it. Whether the expansion will address those issues, and more controversially, whether the graphics overhaul will be available to everyone, remains to be seen at this point. But considering there will be a Wild Run edition, there's a lot here to encourage people to join and re-join the servers to check it all out.

Maybe I'll even see you there.

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