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Ex Dev Wants Warhammer Offline

By acharris7724-12-2013

EA killed the Christmas mood by announcing the online servers to be pulled on December 18th. Now a former Mythic developer revealed that there is a single player, server-free version of the short lived MMO Warhammer Online, and asks EA to release it to preserve the history of the game.

City state Entertainment co-founder Andrew Meggs said in a blog post:

"In every unreleased, internal-only developer build of the Warhammer client, there was the option to run without a server. As the lead client engineer I spent a good amount of time doing that. There were no login or character selection screens. There were no NPCs or other players. There was no gameplay of any kind. It was just you and the entire world spread out before you. You could fly around like Superman, or teleport anywhere at will. You could watch the sun rise and set over Altdorf, and see the smoke rise from fires forever burning. And you could see the thousands upon thousands of hours of work and craftsmanship that went into creating a world that has now been unplugged."

Meggs wants EA to release it, not for the community to reclaim and rebuild, but for posterity in a medium that has a habit of deleting links to its past. I think that it is quite sad that the once busy servers of a great game are now over, but admire the sentiment from Andrew Meggs.

"It won't be WAR; that only exists with other players. "But it's a double-clickable museum exhibiting much of what WAR was, so it won't be forgotten completely. It's an effort by all of us, as developers, to preserve a living record as our transient medium is created and destroyed. I can't do this; I left behind the code when I left EA. But there are people inside EA who can easily make this happen."

I hope that EA will release the single player Warhammer for its loyal gamers, as it is never nice when popular games disappear into gaming oblivion. This would have been an awesome Christmas gift from EA, and could have gone a long way to helping build some bridges.

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Posts: 3290

Better to die whilst it's great, than live long enough to suck donkey balls.

I'm looking at you Star Wars Galaxies

Posts: 15

WAR was an amazing MMO, it added so many features that games like WoW have incorporated. A real shame it had to die :(