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Ewoks Coming to The Old Republic?

By ember02-07-2013

The Old Republic may have gotten a little bit more cute. Players of The Old Republic will be happy to know that the fuzz balls that took down the imperial forces on their home will be coming to the game.

This week's 2.3 patch for Star Wars: TOR will allegedly add Treek, an Ewok companion who also happens to be an assassin. Weren't expecting that were you? Don't worry, neither was I.

Unfortunately for Ewok lovers, EA is being EA and making you work for the little guy. According to Dulfycleric, the poster of the above video, Treek will cost one million credits. You also need to be a level 40 Legacy player. According to TechnoBuffalo, non-subscribers are limited to 350,000 credits, and the rest is put into an escrow account. That account can not be touched unless you subscribe to the game.

Also unfortunate is the fact that the patch notes for the game say nothing about Treek. Hopefully this information is a leak from EA and they are waiting to see what the consumer reaction would be to the high priced critter before releasing her on the market.

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Posts: 3290

Seriously. When she comes charging in and knocks everyone over...it was like a 3 Stooges sketch

Posts: 1548

Ha ha ha ha

Posts: 3290

Dafuq did I just watch?

Why does this feel so much like a joke?