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Evil Officially Residing On PC

By NeonAnderson17-12-2012

Good news for Resident Evil gamers on PC, Resident Evil 6 will arrive in both Europe and America on 22nd of March 2013 for PC! In America it will be download only and will feature Steamworks, while in Europe it will be available both as a downloadable and physical copy.

The news gets even better! Resident Evil 6 for PC will include all current console DLC for the game, while all future DLCs will be released as a free update. The only thing a bit unclear about the physical copy is whether or not it will have Steamworks support. Digital versions purchased directly through Steam will have Cloud Saving, Steam Achievements and Leaderboards.

The Steam page for Resident Evil 6 can be found here.

Will you be buying Resident Evil 6 for PC? If so, where will you purchase it?

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Posts: 1548

if retail copies are steamworks then we will have it for cheap soon!

Posts: 237

Maybe later whe its cheaper.. :/ I will buy Metro Last Light, Bioshock Infinite, and maybe DmC, so no room for Resi 6, and as i heard, its not that good. But im willing to buy the game later, as support for Capcom, since they do put out good pc ports.