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Evil Has Arrived

By BloodyFanGirl14-10-2014

It's been another week which means that Bethesda have released another gameplay trailer for The Evil Within. This week it's all about being aware of your shifting surroundings and your permanent pursuer, Ruvik. Again, it would seem that stealth is usually one's best tactic but sometimes you'll just have to know when it's time to run away.

But enough about that – The Evil Within is out on Tuesday (in North America and Europe)! PC users can buy it from Steam right freaking now. The game is also available to play on PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360. Australia and New Zealand will get the game on the 16th, followed by Japan on the 23rd. So if you'll excuse me, there's a particular horror game I should be playing and getting scared half to death by...

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