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Evil Genius 2 May Be On the Way

By Mokman16-02-2013

Good news: Rebellion co-founder Jason Kingsley has announced on Twitter that Evil Genius is on "the shortest of shortlists" for the company.

Bad news: They, not to put too fine a point on it, need money.

The idea arose as a result from a series of meetings discussing potential titles, and Jason he stated that more news regarding Evil Genius 2 will be available "within a few months". Right now, what they are working on is "how to raise money" in order to develop the game. Kickstarter anyone? It seems crowd funding may be as good an idea as any, noting especially how the first game received much critical acclaim as well as love from fans. Hell, I still sometimes boot up the game just to relive the days of agent-murdering and shark-tank-installing.

Evil Genius 2 was originally on the way of being developed by Elixir, before its untimely death in 2005, whereby the rights were sold to Rebellion. Here's hoping that they know what to do with it - to make a damned good sequel out of it and once again capture the hearts and minds of all the world's potential bond villains.

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Man, I'd love to see this happen. "Here's hoping that they know what to do with it"