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Everybody Loves Dark Souls II

By CameronW13-03-2014

Every big release gets one, a trailer talking about how much critics loved the game, showing off the review scores and proclamations about the game being "outstanding" or a "must buy" or "phenomenal" or other similarly very nice things. While I like poking at stuff, I think this time Dark Souls II will probably live up to those very nice things everyone's saying.

While the game will probably do fine, it'll be fun, it'll be popular, all the kids at the playground will be trading their crazy wheel weapons, and there'll be a lot of YouTube videos of people dancing to the Party Boy Theme from Jackass, but my real concern is with the PC port. Now I didn't really mind the PC port of Dark Souls, but I'm a pretty laid back guy that doesn't get mad at stuff and even I saw that the port was probably not that great. This showed itself the most when my game started tanking into some weird Matrix Slow-Mo when I went anywhere near the middle of the world.

Dark Souls II is launching on PC on April 25th, only a month and 12 days away. Are you hyped? I'm pretty hyped.

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