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Everybody Duck for Cover, New Magicka Announced

By Mokman06-03-2013

Oh Christ, there goes my sensible co-op sessions. For the past few months, I've finally convinced my gaming buddies that co-op gaming doesn't just have to be mindless fun and faffing about, and we've been dealing with some properly heavy material, such as ARMA 2 or Crusader Kings. Well, now all that's going to be thrown out of the window, set on fire, and blown up with a huge rolling ball of rock and energy as the next Magicka game comes hurtling out from Paradox Interactive. According to PC Gamer, Paradox plans to announce something Magicka-related during GDC, hinting that it's not merely DLC, but instead likely a full new game.

Ah well, it was good while it lasted. Now back to more crazed, frenetic action as we attempt to blow our foes (and each other) into smithereens. Oh and guys? Dibs on pink.

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