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Everybody’s Nidhogg Fighting

By acharris7715-01-2014

En Garde...with a name like Nidhogg, you would be forgiven if you thought this sounded like some sort of Klingon fighting game. Whereas actually it is an indie title that has been in the making since 2010. The premise of the game is quite simple, two duellists in a fencing match, in which you must either kill your opponent or get past him to get to the next screen. Kill your enemy and you will sprint to the next screen to do it all again, as the other guy seems immortal popping up all the time.

The graphics are like the gameplay, simple and looks like something from the 8-bit era, the likes seen on the Atari 2600. The game is now available on Steam, and if bought before Jaunary 20, there is 20% off the price. Get your sword out and start stabbing your opponent with the pointy end.


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