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Every Steam Game Starts Using StarForce DRM

By NAG3LT01-04-2013

Piracy is the major concern of game publishers, as it leaves them without moneys and high risk of bankruptcy. Faced with grim homeless future, Valve has decided to use an ultimate solution that always work – invasive DRM. As everybody knows, the more invasive DRM leads to less piracy and better sales figures, so Valve now uses the most invasive DRM ever – StarForce. It mostly stayed behind Iron Curtain since 2006, after it successfully stopped Splinter Cell piracy by killing CD and DVD drivers of gamers, as well as causing numerous BSODs.

Valve's partnership was very fruitful for StarForce, as it took the level of protection to the new level in the version 451. It is now enabled for all games on Steam, without exception, and offers the following features:

  • Always online, to stop pirates from playing even for a minute without paying.
  • Constant monitoring for pirated content, even when Steam is turned off.
  • Enabled on all demo versions as well, just in case.
  • Steam Workshop and mods are no longer supported
  • Game updates are now forced, closing the game and updating it the moment they appear
  • Instant blue screen of death in case of connection loss or looking in the RAM when game is running.

When a pirated game is detected, StarForce will fry your CPU and blow up the monitor.

Restart your Steam to apply this latest update and don't turn off your PC for a few days while it is in progress. The StarForce representative, Dr. Zloy has assured Steam users that they have nothing to worry about:

"StarForce 451 is 100% precise – if you are a legitimate user, you have nothing to hide. Our new system will kill the game piracy in our brave new world."


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