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Everquest's Lord Nagafen Gets Prophetic

By CameronW19-11-2013

I wonder how many MMO players are still around that remember Lord Nagafen, because to be honest his hayday was before even my time. He was a big red dragon that was one of the first and most fearsome raid bosses in Everquest back when the legendary MMO first came out roughly 500 to 600 years ago. (Okay, it was more like 14 years, but still.) Though he was once fearsome enough to make the most elite of Everquest raiders wet themselves, he's now faded into obscurity.

Faded into obscurity aside from his brief re-surfacing in Dragon's Prophet, that is! Dragon's Prophet is a free to play MMO that boasts about the ability to tame and ride dragons, and for one brief day (today!) you can buy Lord Nagafen and use him as your own special dragon buddy. The slight catch is that he costs a pretty penny, €34.99 (£ 29.35) to be exact. Surely a small price to pay for a long time Everquest player looking to continue Lord Nagafen's legacy, right? Dragon's Prophet's publisher Infernum seems to think so.

"For every RPG and fantasy fan, Nagafen is an infamous name to hear. The fearsome EverQuest dragon has already swooped in and crushed the dreams of countless heroes, with only the best of them managing to defeat him."

You can pick up your new best friend at Dragon's Prophet's store page here.

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