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EverQuest Landmark the Next Minecraft?

By MatthewJMimnaugh11-11-2013

In a recent video update, Darrin McPherson, Lead Game Designer for EverQuest Next, showed off the some recent updates to Landmark.  Aside from a stream of comments and questions about buckets and their capacity for carrying lava, most of the reaction has been that of comparing the new game to Minecraft.  The basic premise of both games seems to be gathering tiered resources in order to construct things, be they dirt houses or stone mansions.  These projects can also be much larger undertakings such as mass terraforming or PvP arenas.

As far as Minecraft is concerned, the gaming community on a whole has been split as to the legitimacy of it as a "game," though less so after the token bosses were added.  For the longest time, there just wasn't a goal other than those the players defined for themselves.  EverQuest Landmark adds a "goal," to some degree, but it isn't an in-game one. Those players who construct the best of the best creations (the qualifications for such are subjective, for sure) will be integrated into the actual game world, the player receiving a reward.  As to what this reward is, that seems to be some form of monetary compensation via the Player Studio as well as the fame and bragging rights that comes with having your personal creation put into a major title.  EverQuest Next Landmark is free-to-play, though is still in beta and the release date is unknown.

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