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EVE Online – The Trend Continues

By NeonAnderson05-05-2013

Yet another story emerges from EVE Online, this time around someone has infiltrated a Corporation and killed its CEO in a story of backstabbing and betrayal.

Spotted on Reddit, it seems there have been some serious corporate betrayals within the playing fields of EVE Online. The only odd thing is that this story is just emerging now as the actual event took place on the 14th of April and was only submitted to Reddit four days ago.

In any case, the story goes as follows and is sourced from the evidence within the killboards and the story sources within the Fweddit (The Unofficial Factional Warfare Corporation Reddit). Apparently, there was a so-called "Awoxing" competition on the Fweddit boards, Awoxing is simply a term in EVE Online that is used for a variety of spy related actions and is based off the name of the first person known to betray his own corporation as a spy.

In any case, the person who killed his CEO posted on the Fweddit boards with the story. He discovered a Corporation called "Christ's Little Angels" who were recruiting at the time. He contacted the CEO who turned out to be a very weird person. The CEO made some demands for him to join the Corp, first of all he had to make a new character who was Amarr and once he joins the Corp he would not be allowed to fly outside of Amarr space. While this might seem just for role playing, it turned out it was simply because the CEO "didn't like the Gallente and Minmatar factions". So sure enough, he decided to make a new character called "Totally not Judas" and join the Corporation. Once he did, he found some people from the Corp who were mining and killed one of them while the other one escaped. This pissed off a lot of people within the Corporation chat, including the CEO "Death Killer21".

Deciding to take revenge, the CEO came out in a Tier 2 fitted Rifter, having failed to beat the "Totally not Judas", he was forced to warp out and get something better. He also called for help from his Corp, but unbeknownst to the CEO was that the two people who offered to help were already in contact with Totally not Judas and had agreed to help him Awox. As a result, the CEO showed up in a Gila, which is a special Faction Cruiser and comes at no small price (the total value of the Gila and all the Faction and Tier 2 equipment on the ship was 250 million ISK). At first the "help" acted as if they were shooting at Judas, but once real help showed up for the CEO, they decided to show their true colours and started to kill the real help and more importantly, the CEO in his Gila.

Perhaps a story for the EVE TV series? Let us know what your comments are on this story in the comment section below.


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