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EVE Online's Biggest Battle Ever Gets a Memorial

By CameronW31-01-2014

Yesterday I wrote an article about EVE Online's biggest battle ever, pointing out all the money that was currently being blown up in space. The final number came out to somewhere around 11 Trillion ISK with 75 Titans 13 Supercarriers, 370 Dreadnaughts, and 123 Carriers destroyed over the 21 hour battle. CCP has officially released a report about all of this here.

No massive historical battle is quite complete without a memorial to the brave virtual people who gave their virtual dollars to the cause. CCP have placed a memorial called "Titanomachy" into B-R5RB (the sector where the battle took place) for any future travellers to see to remind them of this sweet event that makes EVE Online one of the most special MMO's out there.

With all of that craziness going on and all of these people involved, someone was bound to have recorded some footage, right? They sure did. Now if you're a normal human being and that video just looks like a bunch of colours and dudes floating around in space and want to get in on this EVE Online action, I suggest you take a look at YouTube user Scott Manley's EVE Beginner's Guide if you don't know where to start.


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Posts: 341

Bob plays games, wtf.

If I knew his name a year ago I'd have hunted him down, hes probably spaceship barbie..

Posts: 3290

This is awesome. And...dayum. I was in game when the first ever Titan was rolled out. It was THE hot news of the moment

Posts: 267

It's nice to see epic events created by players themselves.