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EVE Online Helps the Needy

By PeterChi27-11-2013

CCP, the company behind space MMO EVE Online, have begun a charity drive for those in the Philippines affected by Typhoon Yolanda on November the 8th. They have posted in their Dev Blog saying that "it has been a heartwarming experience for us to see so many calls from our community to once again host PLEX for GOOD."

PLEX for GOOD works by players donating some in-game currency to an in-game character called "PLEX for GOOD", that works as a bank. This allows CCP to total the amount of PLEX donated by the EVE community and transfer it into dollars. CCP have promised "For each PLEX donated during this period, CCP hf. will contribute USD $15 to the Icelandic Red Cross to fund their aid efforts in the Philippines."

Previous PLEX for GOOD campaigns have raised money that went to help people suffering after natural disasters in Haiti, Japan, Pakistan and the United States and have been very successful. The total raised through EVE's community since CCP started running these programs is over $150,000, no small figure, and the difference between life and death for some.

CCP are also giving away in-game T-shirts to contributing players to show that they donated to the campaign.


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