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EVE Online – GAAAH Continued

By NeonAnderson02-08-2013

We already wrote about EVE Online's latest newsworthy event, when one player of CFC accidentally jumped into the space owned by an enemy alliance, TEST. This event then escalated and ended up involving over 4000 pilots and thus too, ships, from both sides of the alliance. So no small battle! The full story about it can be read here but more information and news has just been released about the battle.

We finally have received a full official summary and numbers about the battle that took place in 6VDT-H, the full summary was created and released by CCP on their official Dev Blogs and can be seen here.

In any case, as CCP explains, a war has been going on between two massive Alliances within EVE Online namely CFC and TEST. At the centre of the war is the contention for the Fountain region of space and in particular, right now both Alliances are fighting to capture and hold the valuable moons in the region. CCP recently updated the game with the Odyssey patch, this changed the moon mineral distribution and as a result, TEST had previously taken the region from IT Alliance in 2011 and has held and benefited from the region ever since. These moons contain valuable resources that go a long way for an Alliance wallet, not to mention for usage of production of capital sized ships and equipment, among other things. However, CFC now has set its eyes on the region and has been making steady progress into the region for the past two months.

6VDT-H in particular is a solar system in the Fountain region where TEST used to have its home and this is where TEST used to stage their forces to defend the region. CFC then managed to damage the station enough to activate its shield reinforcement timer, as a result TEST decided to drop everything to rush to its defence. If the station were to be lost, so would the entire Fountain region for TEST. As more reinforcements for TEST came in, so did they for CFC until both Alliances had every available pilot in every available ship across all corps in the entire Alliance had shown up. This meant that both sides had over 1500 pilots, with reports that CFC managed to gather over 2000 pilots to the battle.

Earlier that same day, CFC made a cunning plan to take control of all the moons in the system and assemble a large outpost armed with large arrays of weaponry at each. This would thus provide a safe haven for CFC forces while making it impenetrable to attack. One thing not mentioned by CCP is the accident that a player made that initiated all this though... So still there are some unclear details and questions as to whether that mistake ever happened.

What is revealed in addition to the original plan is the total amount of kills for both sides as well as the number of ships by type for each side, these can all be seen on the blog. What is also known is that this probably marks the end for TEST in the Fountain region and perhaps even putting TEST in a dangerous situation where they could lose everything.

As CCP points out, the consequences of this will be felt by all EVE players as this shifts the power in favour of CFC Alliance now in the region and will have an impact on trade across all of EVE Online in many different ways.


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