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By NeonAnderson31-07-2013

Well, in a stream of funny/strange/interesting/stories of betrayal news pieces coming out of EVE Online, yet a new alteration has come from EVE Online. This time around one player accidentally pressed the wrong button, which lead to a full-scale World Corp War within EVE Online.

Reddit has plenty of details about what happened, both on the official EVE Online board and on the Explain Like I am Five board to add further amazement to this story, even the BBC has reported on this battle! That's right... BB fking C has reported on this! Pure amazement!

Now to finally get down to what happened, as the story is really amazing as well. One player accidentally pushed or clicked the wrong button. The player apparently wanted to have his allies warp to him. After that they were going to go raid an enemy Corp's instalment. These kind of raids are common on EVE Online when two big Corporations or Alliances are in the midst of a war. This war is between CFC and Test Alliance. But rather than having his allies be able to warp to him, he accidentally performed a jump right into the middle of enemy space in a region known as 6VDT.

Once the enemies detected him and went to destroy him and his ship, he obviously then called for backup and had his allies warp to him there. While this initially battle started off small, it quickly escalated with both sides continuously getting more and more backup from the various Alliance Corporations on both sides. This went so extreme that the battle managed to grow to 4070 pilots and their ships at the peak of the battle. That is right, 4070 different ships all fighting each other! The battle was so large that CCP had to slow down the game time by 10 percent to decrease the server load.

This all went down for five hours on the 28th of July, so just a few days ago and as such the exact damages to both sides are not known yet, however we do know that the battle was won by CFC. I was sadly also unable to find out yet clearly which side the player was on who made the mistake that initiated all this, but it sounds like it was a CFC player who made the mistake that initiated the battle.

The battle was also confirmed by CCP on Twitter  as being the largest battle in EVE Online history, though watching the comment replies to the post is pretty funny as a lot of people are debating and agreeing that the battle itself was not actually all that fun, but rather the "meta" around it after it finished is what is fun. Furthermore, it is also interesting as the BBC has pointed out, as the in-game currency can be purchased with real-money the battle will have the potential to have cost the players involved up to an estimated total of more than 20,000 Pounds or for the Americans amongst you, that is over 31,000 Dollars. It will still take some time though before we have an exact figure of the in-game and out of game value of the lost ships.


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Oh dear.

That's hilarious XD