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EVE Online Continues to Be Insane

By CameronW29-01-2014

It seems like every other month I hear about some record shatteringly expensive battle going on in Eve Online leaving players out of thousands of dollars and wasting weeks and weeks of building time when their massive ships get blown up just like that.  Why would anyone put anyone else through something like that? Someone was space-squatting in a space station that wasn't getting it's space bills paid, apparently.

"Nulli forgot to pay for the space station in this system," writes delphan1, an EVE Online veteran on Reddit. "PL was living in it. CFC and Rus took ownership of it knowing PL had assets in it. Both sides escalated to current shitshow."

Now, while ISK, EVE Online's currency, can be spent on game subscription time, it's important to point out that the entire world's riches aren't in fact being gambled on spaceships in this MMO, where apparently Trillions of ISK in damages have been done with 70 Titans destroyed already. To put some numbers to that, a Titan is a massive ship that's worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of 100 Billion ISK, that's 9 0's.  Multiply that by 70? That's a lot of ISK.

To someone who doesn't play EVE, they might look at ISK and go "Why does it matter? How difficult is it to obtain ISK if you're spending 100 billion of it on one guy's ship?" Buying a month of game time costs about 300 million ISK, or $15. Taking the losses just from the Titans in this battle alone translates into 3.5 million dollars in game time. That's a lot of money.

If you want to read something by someone that actually knows what he's talking about I whole-heartedly encourage you to check out The Mittani's website where he goes into great detail about all the insanity behind the scenes of the wonderful screenshots similar to the ones you can look at here.


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Man, I need to get back into EVE.


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The pictures I've on this look beautiful, yet I don't 100% understand it.