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Eve Online Battle Of Asakai Showcases What Makes It Awesome

By Mokman29-01-2013

Just take a look. Incredible isn't it? This is what makes Eve Online, to this day, one of the most-loved MMORPGs. It is mind-bogglingly complex, immersive, and ultimately, it truly puts the Massively in MMOs. The story behind this starts from a lone Titan pilot, who had initially been planning a raid with a small fleet against a rival coalition. Titans, the heaviest class of spaceship in the game, are incredibly valuable, and simple losing one is a huge blow to the coalition that possessed it.

Imagine then the fear the pilot felt when he misclicked, and instead of bridging (helping other ships warp to his location), he clicked jump, warping his ship right into the middle of a surprised opposition fleet, who hadn't expected his presence. Things escalated rapidly, as both sides called in reinforcements, resulting in a server-lagging battle involving over 3000 players. 3000.

This is what I love about PC gaming. Only here can we have games so ridiculously complex that most people except for a loyal fan-base are turned away. But not only that, this is what I love about gaming in general. Read this. It's from a news site dedicated to EVE Online, and just reading it you understand that they have managed to create a whole new world beneath our noses, in the virtual space that they have. It is magnificent. These are the type of things that keep me going.

Now I'm tempted to attempt learning how to play EVE Online again - for the third time.


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Welp, if the Moktopus Prime does decide to give EVE a try, hit me up. I'm abut ready to reactivate my scrip, I'd be happy to show you the ropes. As long as you're not one of those bastard Amarr *rageface*