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Eve Expansion's Trailer Talks Features

By Mokman03-06-2013

It is a well-known fact that when a player of Eve: Online enters a roomful of gamers, it will inevitably fall into a reverent hush as they prostrate themselves before their better. Or at least, that's how I felt after attempting (and failing) to get into Eve: Online a few years back. Still, I follow the news and delicious stories (aka, betrayals) that pour out from this arcane but enigmatic MMORPG. And now, with its next expansion due for release in few days, on the 4th of June, tensions and excitement is running wild. The video linked then describes the new features in detail.

What does it feature? For one, ice, one of the game's most fought-over resources, is undergoing a significant reduction. Another feature includes new private hangars for players, as well as a new hacking mini-game that is being added to relic sites. Excited? Watch the video.


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