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Europa Universalis IV Release Date

By Bis18marck7007-06-2013

I've always had a week spot for Paradox, but at the same time, I kept my punching ball close at hand every time they released a new title. Now after the disastrous abomination that was Gettysburg, they promised to polish up their future releases and not leave the stuff in the hands of capable modders who would patch the bits and bytes out of their great, but buggy games. With March of the Eagles, they truly backed up that claim and many of you will now be happy to hear that Europa Universalis IV release date has been announced.

Coming to our HDDs on August 14th, we'll once again be able to trade, wage war and conspire to become the greatest nation the world has ever seen. Check out the above trailer if you are hungry for more but don't expect too much actual gameplay footage. Ordering the game via pre-order will give you access to the 100 Years War Unit pack, special sprites for those nations that fought – on and off - during 1337-1453.

Paradox sure did a good job at breathing new life into their genre with Crusader Kings II and MotE. Let's hope they continue the trend of streamlining their games while keeping that unmistakable Paradoxy flair.

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It is the time for reverse Lublin once again :)