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Europa Universalis IV is Coming!

Paradox have just unveiled what their main development team has been working on under the codename, 'Project Truman'. It's Europa Universalis IV!

Following a live stream on the developer's Twitch channel at 3:00PM GMT, the newest instalment in the grandest strategy series of all was revealed, following a typically Paradox series of clue drops and hints.

The last entry, Europa Universalis III, was released way back in 2007. With all the improvements to Paradox's winning formula since then, EUIV looks set to be just as epic. More details as they come in, with some screens below.

In the meantime assume that you'll talk the helm of a nation, guide it through hundreds of years of history, colonise new lands and start a few wars along the way.

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I still have to play crusader kings, galactic civilizations 2 and CIV4 before i think of getting this. Im playing tropico 4 at the moment which is great as im really slow to catch on with these games and it seems to be the most forgiving.