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Europa Universalis IV: Art of Expansion

By NAG3LT06-11-2014

The latest expansion for Europa Universalis IV is out and changes many elements in the game. Some of them, as usual for Paradox, will be available for EU4 owners via patch. There are 900 new provinces on the map, bringing much more detail to the world outside Europe. The rebels and religion mechanics have changed considerably, making rebellion something larger than just random chance of hostile units on your territory. The influence on the Cardinals and the spread of Protestantism have also been redesigned.

Much more awaits those who decide to buy this expansion. War alliances have more options available, allowing the choice of allied objectives and the ability to transfer occupied territories between allies. Creating military units is finally automatized, as you can create templates for the army composition and the game will now automatically distribute their recruiting and grouping into a single unit. Naval units are now upgradable, which does not save money, but saves a lot of time.

Overall, this looks like a very massive expansion and so far, players report that the change in mechanics has a considerable effect on the overall game.

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