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Europa Universalis 4 to Conquer Paradise

By JcDent05-11-2013

Paradox Games is the biggest name in Grand Strategy genre – a genre so removed from casuals, that only in the past year they started releasing games that can be played by people other than history majors and historical rulers of countries. Europa Universalis IV is one such brave attempt – and a fun game to boot! And lo and behold, it's bound to receive it's first major DLC – and Paradox loves its DLCs.

Called Conquest of Paradise, it will be all about discovering the Americas. True, you can already do that in the main game. But this time, things are different. Americas are different. For the first time in the grand strategy genre, there are going to be randomly generated Americas. I can't believe how awesome that sounds. Usually you just make a run for them as soon as you can and where the trip is shortest. Now, you're discovering a new New World each time.

And its natives aren't going to start throwing women and gold at you as soon as you confirm the fact that you are, indeed, white. Native American tribes (I'm guessing this means that South America gets bugger all) will have new government structures, ideas and more! Build yourself a Native American empire and the first colonist will be thrown back into the pond with only "So long and thanks for all the muskets" to keep them company.

The DLC is planned for a worldwide release on December 11. Plenty of time to have Apaches bearing down on the gates of Moscow by Christmas.

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