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Etherium War Begins

By JcDent10-04-2014

Etherium is a wonderfully generic precious element that will be featured in the game of the same name. Three civilizations fight for it, and you can see all of them in this trailer.

At least from this trailer, the game appear to be an old type (can't even say school) of RTS, where units just charge at one another, and that's basically it. No cover, no morale, nothing special. Just a bunch of units shooting all the time. Seems boring, just like Universe at War: Earth Assault.

But, judging from the screenshots, it looks like a scaled down (unit count wise) version of Supreme Commander. The unit design, what with the giant 'colossi of war' (come on, guys, we know you want to say 'titans') and generally bland aesthetics (reminding of both SupCom and the general RTS trio of humans-bugs-Apple), doesn't help. A shame really.

The game still tries to buy into your heart with weather effects; there are promises of stealthing into the enemy base under cover of a sandstorm or using a frozen river to strike the enemy from behind. But these are just gimmicks and relying on gimmicks too much might stunt a game. Maelstrom had terraforming and water dynamic mechanic, and it was still a bland, boring game that nobody played.

The again, Focus Interactive is publishing it, and I kind of trust them. Well, we'll see.

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