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Eternity Shows Off In-Game Footage

By Fr33Lanc3r.00710-04-2013

We all know about Project Eternity by now, so there's no point explaining it for everyone. They've been releasing regular updates to let the world know how the game is faring, and today's one is a stunner. Project Director Josh Sawyer opens the video by explaining that what they are showing off today is footage from the game - not solitary art assets, or descriptions of how systems will work, but actual footage from the game - which shows off the little tricks that Obsidian have been using to bring the world to life.

Sawyer says that they've been aiming for a very high standard in the art quality, and to make a dynamic world, and I have to say they've definitely hit the mark and then some. This game looks bloody amazing (and I'm Aussie, one of the people that defined the word understatement), so stop reading what I've written, and watch the video already!

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