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Eternals’ Environments And Dev Diary Darkness

By BloodyFanGirl09-08-2013

Hey, you! Are you subscribed to our Youtube channel? Well you should be. For starters, if you were, you would've already seen the above. </Shameless Plug END>

Anyway, the embedded video is the latest dev diary for Shadow of the Eternals. This time Sean Jackson of Precursor Games gives us a look at a butt load of concept art for the game's diverse array of locales and environments. Not only that but Jackson also talks a little bit about the process of designing environments and their journey from concept art to a 3D game environment too. Check it out.

Shadow of the Eternals is currently seeking funding through Kickstarter. They're asking for $750,000 and they've already got over $200,000 of that but their funding campaign only has 2 weeks left. Go support them here!

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