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Eternal Crusade Q'ed and A'ed

By JcDent03-07-2013

Vigilia Mortis, an adult PC-only (to the Warp with those console mutant traitor heretics) Warhammer 40K, has had a QnA with developers of the ambitious - to say the least - Warhammer MMO called Eternal Crusade. So what's new in the grim darkness of the far-set release dates?

Well, their first question naturally - for a guild created to dominate first Dark Millenium Online and, since that failed, Eternal Crusade - was about the whole teamplay thing. Nothing too new here. The players will be able to join into up to 10-man/mushroom based warrior race/androgynous space elf strong Battle Squads, while about 10 of those can make up a Strike Force. I wonder if they'll give appropriate names for the organization of the non-Imperial forces - probably not, because there's no one as easily confused and as spoiled as the western gamer.

Anyways, Strike Forces will get their aptly named Strike Cruisers and those will feature common rooms with your iconography, trophies and other assorted crap. Maybe they'll even make servitors out of AFK players.

As for the player races, Dark Angels will not be the only Space Marines that we'll get to play. I assume this means that we'll see Imperial Fists, Iron Hands, Ultrasmurfs and maybe even the red headed step children, the Salamanders. I'd like to get the Black Templars, but, you know... Also, orks are promised to be only a little bit funny and more than enough scary and menacing, since that's something people worry about these days. The system behind Eldar aspect warriors was also questioned, with developers saying that it's still unclear which one are to be implemented, which means you'll as likely to see lore friendly aspect warrior progression as true to the lore Space Marine progression (hint: this means "no chance in hell"). Speaking more about the game mechanics, healer and support classes will be expected to get into the thick of it, much like in, say, Battlefield 3. I've no idea how are they going to implement this - most likely this will be mapped to some squad leader abilities or something, because armies that have a third of their members be Apothecaries or Mad Doks would be silly.

Vehicles will definitely be in the game - flyer testing was mentioned - all though it's unclear if we'll get walkers. While I'd love to kill stuff as a Dreadnought (of the "Even in death I still serve" and "Ninjas cant catch you if you unleash the fury of the Emperor upon them" fame), I wonder how would they implement it in game, especially since Dreadnought pilots are mostly dead.

Now, while the looks are involved... Currently, the amount of customization in the game is still unknown, since the devs are juggling such things as number of players on screen, unit readability and the hardly enforceable adherence to chapter colouring and schemes. Facial customization is also on the way, if you want to go in the field in the grand Space Marine tradition of being armoured as tank, save for your head. Meanwhile, since game is going to be about PvP mostly, the item and XP progression is going to be as horizontal as possible, meaning it will be more about specialization than power (again, much like the very sexy game called Battlefield 3).

Vigilia Morties also asked if the Tyranids present in the game will be from a known hive fleet or a new one. This is a silly question, since all Tyranids are the same and my disdain towards 'Nids players is as boundless as a Space Marine's hate for Xeno scum.

(The devs answered that they can't tell yet)

Oh, and the ammo won't be infinite - because Warhammer 40K is all about wearing tank grade armor powered by a mini nuclear reactor and carrying an SMG that shoots rocket propelled diamond tipped grenades, but in the end resorting to punching a Xeno in the face.

What is your take on this, loyal servants of the Imperium of Man?

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