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Et tu PlanetSide 2?

By breadbitten05-12-2013

Yes folks, PlanetSide 2 is getting a personal player progression system...at some point...probably. The game's Creative Director Matt Higby has all but confirmed it in a recent Reddit AMA. The decision apparently springs from the developers' concerns over PlanetSide 2 players eventually running out of stuff to unlock in-game, which actually makes sense given it is a free-to-play game which by their very nature hinge on player count more than anything.

"Right now the cert system is basically THE thing we have to provide for that, which is problematic. At a certain point people will run out of things to unlock, we're not trying to run a non-stop gear treadmill game."

It's not an easy job to just bolt on a personal progression system into a game that's less about the player and more about the players, in fact it's a "tough design challenge" if Mr. Higby is to be believed, but if pulled off well it might just give players some tangible rewards into investing further time and effort into the game well after they've unlocked every piece of gear.

"This will allow us to provide those long term 'reach' goals without having to either price new players out of important gear, make a punishingly steep grind for advanced upgrades or continuously inflate the number of upgrades at the end of the treadmill like most MMO games do."

A personal progression system isn't really that bad a concept in my opinion, but I've seen players get too caught up in their own agendas rather than actually help in-game, which is a big No No for a game as teamplay-centric as PlanetSide 2.

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