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Escape DLC Island

By Bobfish11-02-2015

Have you been wondering what those odd hermetically sealed hatches all over Narapela were all about? I know I sure as hell dead. Well fear not, the mystery is, well, probably actually going to reveal new mysteries today. In a free DLC no less. Now that's how you do it!

"Enter Ronald Crown's Underwater Labs to learn more about GeoPharm's research, with 2 new weapons, 4 new outfits, new weapon skins, and a new zombie type: the Dweller."

This actually managed to slip in from below (hehe) an entire week ago and looks pretty good akshully. Though the game has been received with a general lack of enthusiasm. I actually found it to be rather enjoyable truth be told. Now I'm quite looking forward to reinstalling and finding out what this is all about. Major kudos for making this free.

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Yeah well, some of us have taste

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Oooooh, can't wait to not play this!