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Epic Citadel Demo Comes To Your Browser

By NAG3LT04-05-2013

Just over a month ago Epic has announced that UE3 can now run inside browsers and demonstrated a short video showing an Epic Citadel demo running on Firefox. The same demo saw its debut on iOS in 2010 and later on Android devices. Now, the demo is available for all users on the Unreal Engine HTML5 page. The latest nightly build of Firefox (aka latest beta) is recommended, but it seems to run fine on latest stable version as well. Users of other browsers, including Chrome and IE10 are out of luck for now. The performance of the demo seems decent, but it's likely that there is an additional performance hit due to running in browser and on a JavaScript code. It will be interesting to see how many web games will use the new opportunities of using powerful 3D game engines in the future.

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During benchmark I thought at first that it is so resource hungry when running on JavaScript that my GTX 670 can't keep with their 62 FPS cap. Then I looked up the charts and noticed that GPU was running on 2D clocks (25% of full speed) and wasn't even fully utilised. Those who compared the performance to the native UDK version said that browser version requires twice more power to run compared to binary.

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Dem graphics :P