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Enter The New World

By Kelevandos03-06-2013

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a conquistador? The time setting they appeared in is quite neglected in gaming, but here comes a change – Expeditions: Conquistador, a new game published by bitComposer. In this tactical RPG you will get to control a Spanish captain in his quest for the New World and its riches. But will your character be a greedy plunderer? A scholar? Or maybe a native supporter? It is all up to you!

In this quite unique RPG experience you will traverse the vast map King's Bounty style, fight grid-based battles like in Heroes and manage your expedition like in...well, this one is special, not quite comparable to anything I know of. So collect your gear, board a ship and sail to Steam or GOG where you can get the game in a limited-time -10% offer!

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@MrJenssen - I played it, I assure you it is worth trying! :-)

Posts: 207

Looks interesting...Might be worth picking up.

Posts: 1317

Cool concept, but I'm not too sure about the gameplay...