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Enemy Within Power Play

By JcDent04-09-2013

X-COM: Enemy Unknown was a good tactical RPG and as good a reboot as the alien hunting series could have hoped for. And now we're getting an add-on, in the shape of Enemy Within. Among more mysterious content, there will be two new character classes.

So, as it shows in the video and just after the rookies buy the farm (X-COM and all that), the new troops rush out of the plane. The big center piece is the Mech trooper - which a soldier in mechanized armour (and, as earlier footage suggest, metal leg instead of normal ones). He's the new power house of the group. In the video, he's armed with a minigun that can wreck cover and kill enemies behind it. Not only that, he also has a rocket powered fist. It deal massive damage to anyone unlucky to be nearby and makes their bodies fly away.

A shame that enemy gets their own variety of it, too.

The other new addition are the biologically enhanced troops - they even have their own revealing armour style. One of the troopers demonstrated the ability to leap to high places, which is very useful for snipers. The other guy had a more... interesting ability: his brain was rewired so that it would kill sectoids who would try and mind control him.

They also showed off a new grenade, but let's be serious: short of Holy Hand Grenade Of Antioch, how can a simple pineapple outshine massive cyborgs and bioengineered ubermench? Oh, if they only had an option to merge the two into Space Marines...

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Posts: 1548

I really need to finish my EU campaign...

Posts: 3290

Well, it's built on Enemy Unknown, so that bodes well

Posts: 166

Being a fan of the XCOM games I am so looking forward to this title. Hopefully they will keep to the style of the original XCOM games and not follow the latest game in the series, The Bureau.