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Enemy Within Brings Interactive Trailer

By JcDent13-11-2013

X-Com: Enemy Unknown is almost universally beloved remake of the original dead 'ard squad TBS about shooting space wog and losing veteran troops to panicking rookies firing on your own people.  It's bound to get an Expansion, called Enemy Within, this month. What can we expect? Genetically enhanced soldiers and massive cyborgs, as well as a fight against human conspirators called Exalt, who want to use alien tech for their own nefarious gains! And now you can see how these elements mix in this interactive trailer!.

This is an Extraction mission – one of your brave troops infiltrated the Exalt and now you need to pull him out to get the data. For some reason, you also need him to hack two enemy comm arrays. For this mission, you get two cyborgs and one genetically enhanced soldier. What follows is you choosing which paths they should take and living with the consequences.

Yes, you can fail, this is X-Com, after all!

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