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Enemy - A Rougelike Classic Mashup

By Fr33Lanc3r.00721-02-2013

From the mind of Tom Johnson comes Enemy, a roguelike mashup of pretty much every classic video game ever developed, wrapped up in a RPG character system, with a tactical, turn-based combat system. Using a variety of different story elements and world spaces from classic games as a starting point, the procedural world builder creates what the developer describes as 'a collision of genres, where haunted graveyards, infested space stations, and peaceful mushroom villages all stand side-by-side.' Also, everything in the world is destructible, with an update showing a house being destroyed by a falling tree.

It's currently on Kickstarter, with 15 days and roughly $6000 dollars to go before it's funded, and it looked interesting and unique enough for me to give it some money, so give it a look.


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This looks really cool!