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Endless Legend Introduces Vaulters

By JcDent27-02-2014

Where do you go after you make an awesome space 4X game like Endless Space? Why, take one of its legendary planets and make it into a 4X fantasy-ish strategy game! Endless Legends is a game just like that, set on the planet of Auriga and inhabited by various races and factions. Who are more than likely not native to this place and have a probably end game goal of getting back to the stars, even if they don't know it themselves.

Vaulters is one these groups and the first ones to be properly revealed. They are humans who lived in huge underground bunkers under Auriga...until the Great Quake came and they did what quakes do to rigid underground dwellings. Now they must strike for the surface and deal with whatever threats lie there. But they're not defenseless – they have some neat technical knowledge that they uncovered deep below.

From what I've read, Endless Legend looks to be one hell of a game, a stiff contender to the likes of Warlock 2 and Age of Wonders III. All in all, we're all better off from such rivalry!

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Amplitude studios has a really good thing going with all the Endless stuff.