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End Game for Battlefield 3's DLC

By Leigh Cobb30-01-2013

Battlefield 3's final DLC pack, 'End Game', will feature capture the flag, air superiority as well as new maps and vehicles, as Premium players learned recently. That's right; fast, hard, jet on jet action baby.

End Game is described by DICE as:

"...some of the most high-speed warfare to date across four vast maps. Race through enemy lines using the new dirt bike, bringing speed and agility to the Battlefield, or fight back aerial assaults with the new lightweight AA vehicles. Coordinate lightning fast attacks and defenses in the return of the classic Capture the Flag game mode, or engage in massive dog fights in Air Superiority. In the skies, the new dropship introduces the ability to turn the tide with rapid deployment air drops of troop transports."

So essentially, four new maps as well as vehicles and two game modes. Sounds pretty good. Premium players will of course receive this DLC on release at no cost, whilst if you haven't got premium yet, you can either buy this separately or get the rest of the DLC to date with the Battlefield Premium.

DICE have certainly been proactive in adding additional (paid) content to Battlefield 3, extending the multiplayer's lifespan to those who want (paid for) it. With End Game no more DLC is in the pipeline, which could prove sad news for some players (but good news for your wallet). Kidding aside, this particular DLC pack looks quite fun, with dirt bikes bound to be satisfying and the air superiority game mode sounding like a nice change of pace from the rest of the multiplayer. End Game is due out in March.

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It'd be cool if there weren't that many aces around that take you out as soon as you take off...