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E3: En Medilight Res

By Bobfish15-06-2013

During the glut of demo's at E3, some footage of Daylight slipped under the radar, along with an interview with Gerald Garretson who...spends more time talking about how they're not showing much gameplay rather than talking about the gameplay itself. The difficulty comes from the nature of the game, which is procedurally generated. It really is one of those things you can't help but ask, why has no-one done this with a horror game before? It's the perfect setting for it, and what little (relatively speaking) we can see from the footage above proves that point far more succinctly than anything I could say.

But I'm going to anyway. Yolo right?

What we do see of, and hear about, the way the game actually works is extremely interesting. Reminding me of Alan Wake/Alone in the Dark in some places (the best aspects of them, that being the interplay of light and shadow) and a lot more strongly of Silent Hill, old Silent Hill, in just abolut everything else. So go on, shoo, watch it, then join me in the comments below.

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