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Emperor's Finest - Two Of Them

By JcDent05-03-2013

Full Control are the guys that will bring us a new Space Hulk game - in glorious 3D. In Warhammer 40K, space hulks are massive clumps of spaceships and interstellar crap that randomly fall out of Warp - a local cross between hyperspace and hell - possibly unleashing orks, genestealers and other assorted nasties. Space Marines go in and hopefully clear them out.

And now we have two screenshots of the game, one from action, the other - from tactical perspective. We can see that Space Marine Terminators are rendered pretty damn well and the setting is as claustrophobic as it should be.

Hopefully this means that we'll get a good game and kill countless genestealers and feast on the tears of Tyranid lovers.

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Posts: 3290

The colours are a bit too vibrant for the setting. To my great chagrin, this is one occasion where I agree everything should be a lot more dirty and gritty

Posts: 228

Art direction, ignorance of W40K - those might be the reasons :P

Posts: 1548

Why do I have a feeling this is going to be similar to XCOM?