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Emperor be Praised

By Doubleplus19-11-2013

Behavior Interactive has released the second part of their "Meet the Behavior Team" videos, showing off the team behind the coming F2P TPSMMO based on the Warhammer 40K franchise coming in 2015. It also shows some absolutely heretical footage of Black Legion scum tearing into some Dark Angels. The gameplay looks a lot similar to Relic's Space Marine, which is good because Space Marine, while fantastic for what it was, deserves to be expanded on, and that's what Eternal Crusade seems to be shaping up to be: a huge MMO expansion of Space Marine, which I look forward to.

It also promises a surprise around Christmas. Nothing was really said about it, other than "you're really going to like it." Who knows what it could be? Maybe a Beta Release? Some more gameplay footage perhaps? Maybe a playable Squat raTHIS MESSAGE HAS BEEN SEIZED BY COMMISSAR FUKLAW OF THE IMPERIUM OF MAN. HAVE A NICE DAY!

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