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Elite Kickstarter Update

By Bis18marck7010-11-2012

We’ve brought you news a couple of days ago that Elite would, with the aid of Kickstarter, attempt a comeback. Back then their page didn’t really have much to show although this has seen some change – towards the better. Right now, it’s actually how we would think a Kickstarter page should look – before it is published.

That aside, the project managed to raise just under £400.000 in five days and thus still has around £750.000 to go. Talking about his project, David Braben will outline some of his ideas, concepts and goals in a slightly informal yet enthusiastic manner. Have a look and decide for yourself whether this project deserves your coins.

The question remains however, whether Elite will be able to draw the crowd and funding needed since it has some intense competition with Star Citizen. Share your thoughts below.

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That's more like it. Now I am interested.