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Elite Is Back

By Bis18marck7006-11-2012

We’ve seen some nice new things popping up due to Kickstarter, but as we all noticed, the medium is not only used for publishing innovative ideas but also to revive some series that have been lost in the endless abyss of PC game creation. Star Citizen is one of them and to some degree Project Eternity can be ruled into that category as well. Now, David Braden is trying to amp fresh life into Elite – again. While the guys behind Star Citizen, or let’s say, the-one-guy-who-likes-to-be-named-everywhere, asked for a blistering $2 million, Frontier Development will be satisfied with a ‘mere’ £1.25 million.

Sadly, while most projects on Kickstarter outline their goals, present material and show of something more than text, the Elite: Dangerous page reads like something I would classify as an enthusiastic bullet-point draft. It’s sad really because some other developers, like the guys of Nexus 2, showed us how a Kickstarter page is supposed to look – but they didn’t get funded. As well as that, Frontier Development itself isn’t a company that has the most impressive of records. While employing more than 200 men and women the company is certainly host to a wealth of talent and probably the biggest to ever use Kickstarter up to this point. However, their latest titles included Kinect Disneyland Adventures and Kinectimals: Now With Bears. Oh dear. But who knows, maybe David Braden is making this as a side-project of sorts and thus not using the financial resources of Frontier Development – although I hardly think so.

Still, roughly £100.000 already raised with two of the five high profile backing options already taken. So, it’s up to you to if you want to jump on before they give out any real substance or wait a bit longer and see how it develops. Either way, tell us what you think.

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Posts: 1548

Especially considering they dont have anything to show.

Posts: 233

It is yeah. Also, the timing is slightly suboptimal with lots of people having already pledged to Star Citizen.

Posts: 1548

Wow. That's a big target to reach...