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Elite Dangerously Approaching Beta

By Kathy_McGraw11-04-2014

If you've been following our coverage on the development of Elite: Dangerous, the space exploration and combat game by Frontier, then you'll be excited to learn that they have announced the upcoming premium beta phase. The premium beta will launch on May 30. Before then, you'll have access to a single-player combat build.

Prior to the full beta release, the alpha will get an update to phase 4, in which two methods of faster-than light  speed travel will be available: hyperspace and super cruise speed. Hyperspace lets you travel between star systems while super-cruise speed allows you explore places within a star system. The entire Milky Way galactic map will be open for you to explore, 400,000,000 star systems, according to Frontier! In addition to faster than light travel, Frontier will also be adding trading elements, details forthcoming.

The price tag for early access seems pretty steep: Alpha access, on sale until April 25, will cost you almost $300, and premium beta access is about half that. However, both the alpha and premium beta versions give you automatic access to the final release and all expansion content. That's a pretty sweet deal, considering how much more you'd be spending if you had to purchase the game plus all of its expansion content piecemeal.

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Thats one expensive game...

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I think I will go and find an emulator and play the original for that price until the full version comes out.