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Elite: Dangerous Warps to Success!

By NeonAnderson06-01-2013

Wow! What a long road it has been for Elite: Dangerous. The project was put on Kickstarter in the beginning of November and ran all the way until the 5th of January 2013. Many people have had their doubts about the chances of the project being successfully funded. Various people said the project came at a bad time and had a goal that was too large, namely 1.25 million British Pounds.

But yet, after five days they already managed to reach 400,000 Pounds. By the 26th of November, Elite already had a surprising number of backers and finally received its first early gameplay footage. Things were looking good for Elite: Dangerous!

By December 3rd, the project managed to reach an impressive 646,456 Pounds. Inspired by this great success the developers, Frontier Developments, released their second developer diary. This video explained how the hidden game mechanics would work and how they connect in to the multiplayer aspect of the game. Without a doubt, some interesting and unique things they have planned for this project.

By the 15th of December, the developers already seemed very confident about the success of their Kickstarter project and thus released a video detailing their development plan for the game. However, from the outside it seemed like the game's funding was starting to stagnate. Thus, the development team added new pledging tiers and announced their many plans to generate increased funding sources. This would include comic books, novels and a funding tracking website with advertisements.

Shortly before Christmas, some bad news came from the company, following its decision to lay off 14 of its 233 employees. While the actual reasons for this still maintain a mystery, the official reason given was that the company wanted to have employees with a broader set of skills (similar to Valve's employees). On the 17th of December, the funding for the project sat just under 800,000 Pounds, meaning it only had 18 days to generate 450,000 Pounds.

On the 19th of December, Chris Roberts made a surprising set of videos showing his support for other Sci-Fi projects on Kickstarter that in a way are actually competing with his own, Star Citizen. Among the projects he showed support for was Elite: Dangerous.

With just 14 days left for the project to be successfully funded, the first Teaser trailer was released for the title showing off some kickass visuals and exciting combat full of plenty action, personally I was pretty impressed by how good the game looks in its early stages.

While eager backers waited at the edges of their seats in the lead up to the final days of the project funding deadline. Everyone could let off a big sigh of relief as the project successfully reached its goal on the 3rd of January, a whole two days before the deadline, nice!

On January 5th the funding deadline was hit and the project reached a surprising 1,578,316 Pounds with 25,681 backers, 35 Updates and over 120k comments.

Now all that is left to do is wait till March 2014 for the game to be released for PC AND Mac if the development goes according to plan.

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